Director Jarrod draws upon more than 20 years as a market leader and industry expert in Project Marketing and sales, adapting and evolving each campaign strategy in line with the ever shifting market conditions and trends.

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Project Sales

  • Hands on methodology
  • Hybrid residential and project development experience
  • Boutique team service
  • Proven sales strategy implementation and sales results

Farey & Co. recognise there’s no “one size fits all” approach to a successful project marketing and sales campaign. Each project requires an in depth understanding and alignment with our client's objectives, from initial conceptual planning through to sales and project settlement.

Successful delivery at each stage of the development life cycle requires the expertise and insights of a forward-thinking and experienced off the plan project marketing and sales firm, committed to each project from start to finish.

With a combination of extensive insight and individuality, Founder Jarrod Farey leads every project from start to finish. It’s an approach that ensures all developments are best placed to drive the sales results Farey & Co. is known to deliver while maintaining client alignment.

Project Marketing

  • Early attraction approach
  • Comprehensive collateral
  • Creative resources

Attracting the right buyer for your development is our number one priority. Drawing upon a network of industry leaders within the property sales and marketing space, Farey & Co. engage connections early within the development life cycle to ensure each project is best positioned to appeal to its target audience.

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